Bondurant City Council Moves Forward with Exciting ARTocka Trail Loop Art Project

Bondurant City Council Moves Forward with Exciting ARTocka Trail Loop Art Project


Bondurant City Council Moves Forward with Exciting ARTocka Trail Loop Art Project

[Bondurant, Iowa, March 4, 2024] The City of Bondurant is thrilled to announce significant progress in its efforts to enhance the cultural landscape of the community with the ARTocka Trail Loop project. Initiated in April 2023, the project has now entered an exciting phase with the selection of the inaugural art installation, The Dining Room, designed by the esteemed artist collective, I/Thee. The ARTocka Trail Loop is one of the many creative projects included as part of the recently adopted Art, Culture, and Wayfinding Master Plan.

Following an extensive planning process led by Group Creative Services and Confluence, the City identified the opportunity to activate the trail loop around Lake Petocka through public art. Thus, the ARTocka Trail Loop was conceived to infuse creativity and vibrancy into the natural surroundings while celebrating Bondurant's unique identity.

After issuing a Request for Proposals in December 2023, three visionary artists presented their concepts to the Artist Selection Review Committee. Following careful deliberation, the Committee recommended I/Thee's proposal for implementation, a decision later affirmed by the Parks & Recreation Board.

The selected concept envisions transforming the trail loop into a series of thematic "rooms," each inspired by water's various states and actions. The first installation, The Dining Room, serves as a communal hub, fostering connections and hospitality. Metaphorically, It's like the main gathering place in a home where people come together to connect and have fun. To make it, I/Thee will build three walls using soil from the area. Then, they’ll use water to shape and erode the walls, so you can see the earthy material. Around these walls, there will be big tables and benches that look like they're part of the natural erosion. These large tables are meant for everyone to gather around and enjoy the area together. Whether it's chatting with a neighbor or celebrating a birthday, the Dining Room will be the heart of the whole ARTocka project. The installation will be across from the Bondurant Recreational Sports Complex and alongside Lake Petocka giving visitors an open space to sit and dine, perhaps picnic, and engage with the art that has multiple purposes.

"The Dining Room characterizes our vision for the ARTocka Trail Loop—a space where community members can gather, connect, and immerse themselves in the beauty of our local environment," remarked Mayor Doug Elrod. "We are grateful for the support of Bravo Greater Des Moines and other partners whose contributions make projects like this possible."

The Dining Room is set to be completed before June 30, 2024, thanks in part to grant funding from Bravo Greater Des Moines. Subsequent installations, including The Garden, will further enhance the trail's appeal, offering recreational amenities and opportunities for leisure.

The City of Bondurant looks forward to unveiling The Dining Room and future installations as part of its ongoing commitment to fostering creativity, community engagement, and cultural enrichment.

Also – stay tuned for more great public art coming to Bondurant!

For more information about the ARTocka Trail Loop project, please contact the City of Bondurant Planning and Community Development Department at (515) 967-2418.

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